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Portfolio Assessment

The Immersion program uses a Web-based portfolio assessment system to provide a mechanism to gauge individual progress in a team-based effort. A rubric was created in order to provide better definition of the expectations of the individual related to the team project. The rubric will be used for self, peer and instructor assessment of elements of the Immersion experience. These elements will be reported in the individual Web-based portfolio. Peer and instructor assessment will complement the information contained in the individual portfolio

Web-based Portfolio will provide documentation/commentary for individual assessment on the following elements:

  • Personal growth as an instructional designer integrating ID concepts/processes with previous experience/knowledge and Immersion experience.
  • Insights on individual contribution to team and opportunities for leadership
  • Development or use of skills for the good of the project
  • Individual contributions to project products
  • Writing products and peer review processes
  • Synthesis documents (task analyses and instructional strategies)
  • Additional contributions to project not covered elsewhere

The following rubric will be used to evaluate individual performance as part of an Immersion team. Students use this framework and related evaluation form to assess their own and their peers' performance. The instructor(s) also evaluate students based on this rubric, review the individual Web-based portfolios and rely on this input to inform grades.


Exceeds Expectations

(E = Exceeds Expectations)

Meets Expectations

(M = Meets Expectations)

Below Expectations

(B = Below Expectations)

Reflections/Personal Growth
(self, instructor)
Reflections demonstrate deep thought about the integration of previous experience, Immersion activities and ID concepts/processes. Listing of individual contributions to projects, learning in other courses and responsibilities for various project products are meaningfully linked together and included in regular reflections. Evidence of insights and growth as an instructional designer;connections between previous experience /understanding and the Immersion experience; documentation of integration of ID concepts, processes and literature are readily apparent. Listing of individual contributions to project are included in regular reflections. Little or no evidence of reflective thinking about project, ID concepts, ID processes and individual's previous experience. No listing of individual contributions to project or process of design and development. No consistent periods of reflections evident.
Team Contributions
(self, peer, instructor)
 Demonstrated full participation in team meetings, showed exceptional effort on individual tasks, exceeded individual contribution and was instrumental in leading team forward, respectfully acknowledged and integrated all members' skills in project development process  Participated in team meetings, delivered on individual responsibilities, made valuable individual contributions to group process, contributed to progression of project, adhered to team norms and treated all members with respect. Noted absences at team meetings, late or missing items under individual responsibility, hindered progress of project, did not adhere to established team norms and did not treat members ideas and opinions with respect.
Skill Sharing
(self, peer, instructor)
Spent considerable time developing new skills (authoring, graphics, project management skills, etc.) to assist team in reaching project goals.Spent considerable time guiding other team members on specific tasks in areas of expertise. Demonstrated strong leadership skills in multiple project areas. Contributed existing skills to team to help reach project goals. Assisted/guided others in areas of individual expertise. Accepted responsibility and led team on individual products or assignments. Made suggestions for improvements in products or processes. Little or no evidence of developing new skills or contributing existing skills for the benefit of the project. Took little or no leadership on any of the needed project tasks. Primarily completed tasks assigned by other members of the team.
Project Products
(self, peer, instructor)
Made significant contributions to the development or completion of individual project products (such as needs analysis, project Web site, content development, authoring, graphics development, project management processes). Documented significant contributions on individual portfolio Web site. Contributed to individual project products permitting progress toward team goals. Reliably participated in the development of project products (such as graphics, content, treatment, etc) along with other team members. Can document in portfolio activities and areas of development that individual contributed to in specific project products. Surface level contribution toward the development of project products. Consistent problems in delivering project products under individual responsibility. Cannot document activities and areas of development that contributed to specific project products.
Writing/Synthesis Products
(self, peer review, instructor)
Demonstrates polished and professional level of writing on all written documents. Evidence provided that paper was extensively peer reviewed and revised. Writes engaging paper on aspect of ID, modeling publishable literature in the field. Thoroughly synthesizes ID literature producing a Web page related to various assigned topics such as task analyses and instructional strategy.  Demonstrates polished and reviewed level of writing on all written documents. Evidence provided that papers were peer reviewed and revised. Writes paper on aspect of ID attempting to model literature in the field. Adequately synthesizes ID literature producing a Web page related to various assigned topics such as task analyses and instructional strategy literature. Writing does not reflect reviewed, polished work. Paper is not focused or clearly modeled after literature in the field. Web page synthesis of ID literature reflects limited review of content and sources.
Other contributions Significant contributions related to the progress of the team, development of processes to move project forward and development of project. Extra effort demonstrated. Notable individual contributions related to progress of team, development of processes to move project forward and development of project. Average effort demonstrated Little contribution related to progress of team, development of processes to move project forward or development of project. Little or no effort demonstrated

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