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Objectives and Expectations

The Immersion Program is designed to allow you the opportunity to participate in an authentic, project-based and guided instructional design experience. Given that knowledge and application are two different levels of learning, this program allows you to utilize and practice your instructional design knowledge in an applied context. Additionally, in this type of experience, other needed skills become apparent such as a team-based orientation, clear communication and negotiation skills, among others. The Immersion program will allow you to practice and explore these skills as well as integrate and internalize the instructional design and development processes.

The Immersion experience is based on action learning and high-performance team concepts. Focusing on a clear project purpose as well as strong commitment to learning and working toward the acheivement of the end result are the major areas of emphasis in this program.

Therefore, the objectives and expectations for this experience are the following.

At the end of the EDIT791 Immersion experience you should be able to:

  1. document your progression as an instructional designer and instructional design team member
  2. contribute to the instructional design literature with a potentially publishable article
  3. create a basic project plan representing stages of the instructional design and development process
  4. create, contribute to and manage a Web-based project site
  5. use action learning principles in team environments
  6. write a performance analysis, needs analysis and project plan
  7. apply principles to effectively interact with subject matter experts in instructional design projects
  8. conduct learner, setting and task analyses in a real world environment
  9. select from various task analyses methods for project application
  10. determine objectives and applicable assessment methods
  11. select applicable instructional strategies to particular instructional content
  12. synthesize literature and determine the theoretical foundation of various instructional strategies
  13. recognize powerful instructional strategies in CBT/CBI
  14. create blueprint/treatment materials for client
  15. contribute to the production of draft materials of an instructional design project
  16. contribute to the revision and formative evaluation of draft materials
  17. contribute to the production of an instructional design prototype

As an Immersion student you will be expected to:

  1. be an active participate in all team meetings, scheduled instruction sessions and seminars
  2. contribute to the planning, design and development of the project
  3. adhere to established group norms
  4. value team process and learning
  5. develop and contribute expertise for the good of the project goal
  6. treat others with respect
  7. practice good questioning and reflective techniques
  8. generate contributions and take action toward the project goal
  9. view the group as a whole that depends on each persons' contributions

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