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Program Description

The full-time Immersion Program is an option within the Instructional Design and Development track of the Instructional Technology Master's program. The Immersion Program is design to allow teams of 8-10 full-time students to immerse themselves in several project-based experiences that require them to utilize their instructional design, development, and management skills through authentic practice.

The features of the program include the following:

  • Master's in Education/Instructional Technology granted in three semesters of full-time student participation
  • Participation in complex, real world design projects
  • A design team of 8-10 students initially unfamiliar with the problem, the setting, and other team members
  • The promotion of students' positive interaction with a design team and support of their development as independent learners
  • Portfolio based assessment of student represents individual accomplishments and contributions to the design project
  • Significantly funded tuition (up to 24 credits)
Different from a traditional three-credit course model, the Immersion Program is composed of a six-credit (per semester) authentic instructional design project. In these projects, students learn to manage and solve complex instructional issues related to effective instructional design much as they would in the real world. Professors, instructors, and representatives from the sponsoring organization support students through the project experience.

The Immersion Program is designed to allow students to participate in at least two separate project practicums, which allow for the opportunity for involvement in multiple roles and the refinement of the design processes crucial to this field of study. In addition to the two six-credit practicums, students are expected to take fifteen credits of core requirements.

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