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Individual Student Requirements

Individual Web portfolio - includes elements such as:

  • introduction
  • personal goals
  • resume
  • potential and realized contributions to the team
  • evidence/linking of contributions to project Web site/class assignments on Web
  • concept map of personal understanding of instructional design and development
  • personal reflections prompted by action learning questions and development as a designer
    • documenting your personal growth/development as an instructional designer
    • contributions and actions by individual promoting team progress and leadership
    • integration of developing understanding of instructional design and development process
    • integration of application of concepts from instructional design literature
    • documenting the use of team skills
    • insights, realizations and aha's related to multimedia design and development
    • development of skills applied to project
    • writing products/peer review of writing documentation
  • synthesis of task analysis methodology
    • Web page developed on a task analysis method and presented to class
  • synthesis of an instructional strategy/approach
    • Web page developed on instructional strategy/instructional approach and presented to class

Individual Web-based portfolio may also include or these elements may be turned in on paper:

  • Personal interest article
    • 8-10 page article on an aspect of instructional design and development
    • includes literature review of approximately 20 reference in APA style
    • modeled after article in prominent journal in the field: Educational Technology, ETR&D, Tech Trends, etc
    • potentially publishable topic
    • rough draft due at mid-point of second semester and final draft due 3-4 weeks later
    • rough draft reviewed by fellow student(s) with comments submitted to instructor
    • final draft reviewed by fellow student(s) with comments and revisions submitted to instructor

Other individual activities include:

  • Program evaluation activities
    • participation in program formative evaluation and assessment
    • may involve individual interviews, survey responses and other data collection
Group Project Requirements
  • Overall Project plan
  • Project Web site
  • Weekly project actions/tasks (Monday) and status reports (Fridays)
  • Plan for performance analysis/needs assessment
  • Summary of SME project meeting
  • Performance analysis/needs assessment /project planning document*
  • Learner analysis/setting analysis/implications for design document*
  • Task analysis*
  • Objectives*
  • Assessment methods*
  • Summary of instructional approach/metaphor for project*
  • Identification of CBT/WBT program and review of applicable instructional strategies
  • Content Outline*
  • Instructional strategies selected and rationale based on theoretical framework*
  • Prototype blueprint/treatment materials*
  • Draft materials developed
  • Memo documenting revisions of draft materials*
  • Formative evaluation report*
  • Master prototype materials developed
  • Final Presentation of prototype to SMEs

* Items also compiled into a paper-based design document in addition to posted on the Web.

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