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Student Perspectives on the Immersion Experience

The Opportunity:

"First of all I just thought the quality of the opportunity was that good. And I really agree with the philosophy that you really learn by doing. And so I very much appreciate the way that the program has been structured, in an integrated real project experience with some theory classes and some tools classes. And I just think that philosophically and conceptually it's a sound way to approach graduate study."

"Actually, I investigated instructional design programs for about almost two and a half years, up and down the east coast, because what I was looking for was very difficult to find, if at all. And what I wanted was a program in which I could basically practice what we were preaching, essentially. And this is what the program allowed me to do; it allowed me to learn the process and the rudiments, if you will, of instructional design while doing it. And that is what I wanted."

The Experience:

"I really enjoy the fact that there was a real project and that there were real people counting on this getting done."

"I can then make the connection between what we're learning in our lectures and in our readings, and then being able to problem solve on how I can apply those theories and those strategies into an actual real-world project, which is really a strong point of this program, to make the connections between theory and the practice."

"Some of the things we've dealt with - - I mean, we've had stakeholders who are making slow decisions, or situations where even the stakeholders and sellers can't come to consensus. You know, that is real life; I mean, I would never know that in an instructional design part-time class."


"I have been really impressed with the way that the program has been designed. As I've begun to go out and talk to people and to learn more about the way that instructional technology works in different organizations, that I think this program is really well-structured and it really does provide the kind of training that helps prepare people to be able to develop instructional materials in a variety of environments.So I'm really pleased with that, the fact that it's very hands-on, the fact that it actually does enable us to involve ourselves in real world projects. I think all of it is just tremendously important and tremendously valuable. I really feel that I'm leaving with marketable skills, skills that I can put to use. And I think that's the way a training program should be, an educational program should be. So I'm really pleased to see that and hope that it continues to evolve in that direction."

"I've actually gained more from this experience more than any other experience. My last graduate program was in curriculum and instruction. And this one offers so much more in that you're working as a team, you're learning not only the material, the ISD process, but you're also learning from your peers. You're learning how to, you're learning the business aspects of instructional training; you're learning how to consult, you're learning how to present yourself. Just so much more, there's so much to offer in this program that I really appreciate and think that I'm going to take a lot with me once I leave."

If you are interested in applying, please contact:

Ms. Kelley Shillingburg, Instructional Technology Program Office Manager

Phone: 703-993-3798


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