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Literacy Explorer is a reading system designed to lead the reader and reading facilitator through a reading session. Literacy Explorer involves three steps – pre-reading, reading, and post-reading. We provide strategies, activities, resources and tips for each one of these steps.

Literacy Explorer contains three reading activities designed to motivate readers by providing them with stimulating content at their reading level and in their areas of interest.

StoryBuilder allows you to create a story, report, or essay using material from the World Wide Web or your own words. You can insert images and pictures in your story. Registered users can save their stories in your Story Bank to be read later and even publish their stories on the LAO site.

Read from the Web provides you with the opportunity to choose material on the World Wide Web and read it together, using the tips, resources, and strategies shown on the page. If you download the free screen reader, BrowseAloud, you can listen to word pronunciation while you read.

Read from the Bank allows you to choose a age level appropriate story from the Story Bank, either those we have provided or those you have created in StoryBuilder.

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