Project Management Calendar: January 2003

Comm PC = Commerce Building I PC Lab, Room 100
Comm II = Commerce Building II
Thomp 221 = Thompson Building on Main Campus, Room 221

KH = Krug Hall Building on Main Campus
rm = room
PA = Performance Analysis


January 2003



Team Mtg
(Comm II, rm 100)
RE: Review Team Norms, Vision, Mission;
Create Team Goals;
Create Project Vision, Mission, Goals;
Plans for Week;
Discuss idea of having an LAO Historian for a 2-week stint;
Plan for Mtg w/ Mike, Seunghun, & Liz;
Lisa to Give PM Calendars to Rob for Posting for now.

Mtg with Advisors

(Comm PC)
RE: Practicum Class.


Mtg with Jonathan Crook
, Liz DelSandro, & Seunghun Ok
(KH, rm 108)

RE: Updates;
Determine/Revise Project Goals, Sub-Goals, & Tasks;
Discuss what we need to do for and with Seunghun toward Usability Testing & Formative Evaluation;
Get feel for good date(s) for Usability Testing in February with Seunghun;
Get better sense of Priorities and Direction for LAO.


Team Mtg -- Pot Luck Lunch Style

(Marcella's Home)
RE: Devise preliminary project plans for semester;
Break into PA Sub-Teams;
Discuss Comm PC room conflicts w/ other teams;
Ask Rob to send e-Mail Protocol memo to team;
Reminder -- We still need to decide what to do in case of voting tie;
Reminder -- We need to discuss idea of a Seunghun Contact Person
Thank you, Marcella, for hosting the Pot Luck!


Peter Finalizes Current Status Report & Sends to Rob.

Rob Posts Current Status Report to Project Site.

PA Sub-Teams
Make Their Own Plans
RE: Doing research;
gathering info.;
analyzing current site;
listing questions which arise;
Getting questions answered by appropriate parties.

PA Sub-Teams Send Any Preliminary Questions or Concerns as Documents to Rob for Posting
(include document contact e-mail link at bottom of all documents.).

Rob Posts Any Sub-Team or Individual Documents to Project Site.

Lisa Updates PM Calendars and Posts to Project Site.


January Roles

Week of January 26th through February 1st --
Facilitator = Steve Arrington
Scribe = Peter Huffer
Status Reporter = Peter Huffer

Semester Roles
Co-Web Master = Rob Parrott
Co-Web Master = Karen Zolkiewicz
Knowledge Manager/Historian = Steve Arrington
Morale Officer = Marcella Simon
Project Manager (PM) = Lisa J. Stedge


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  Revision Date: 02-01-03
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