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What is the purpose of the LiteracyAccess Online (LAO) Project?

The purpose of the LiteracyAccess Online (LAO) project is to support children with reading disabilities by supporting their teachers and parents with reading strategies and materials online. It is funded by a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs "Stepping Stones of Technology Innovation for Students with Disabilities Program." The LAO Project is being developed by the Graduate School of Education Immersion Program with the help of the Kellar Institute for Human disAbilities and Parent Education Advocacy Training Center (PEATC). The Literacy Explorer Tool is an Internet based application that will ensure that students with reading difficulties, in grades 4 through 8, are not left behind.


Who maintains this web site?

This site is a working tool for our team and includes documents that are designed and developed by graduate students in the Spring 2003 Immersion Program at George Mason University.


Meet the Team | Project Contacts | Project Resources | Status Reports | Site Map
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