Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, February 5th:Team meeting
Scribe: Rob Parrott
Facilitator: Peter Huffer
Attendees: Karen Zolkiewicz, Lisa Stedge, Marcella Simon, Rob Parrott, Peter Huffer, Steve Arrington
Absentees: none


  • Interviewing Mike Behrman by subgroup (508, navigability, and testing methods)
  • Team Plan for the semester
  • Liz DelSandro's role
  • TAM Conference

Summary of Discussion:

  • Subgroup Feedback from Mike- Everyone got to ask questions regarding 508, navigability, testing methods, and why certain things on the site are the way they are. For a transcript of the questions and answer please see LAO-MBQs2-5-03.doc.
  • Team Plan for the Semester- Looking at the calendar- Mike is going to give us a lot of time to work off the basics we learned and also ALWAYS convincible by the group.
  • Liz's Role- She is available to join us at each of our meetings but only if we want her there. She will be our communication link to Mike. She also did some research on online testing and sent it to Peter and Steve. She is interested in the subject matter but is mainly Mike’s graduate assistant. She is a SME for us too, because she has had a special education background. There is no real protocol to contact her versus Mike, first. She is looking to learn more about specific disabilities that include reading problems and how we design resources to enable people with disabilities to be participants. She can contribute information regarding field research and other resources as well as participate in the usability testing when we get there.
  • The TAM Conference in Reston- students are eligible for free registration at the Hyatt, Reston. Ask for a VETA Scholarship and they’ll take care of it. All day Saturday there are presentations and seminars.



  • Team members will continue to research subgroup topics for Perfromance Analysis


NEXT MEETING: Thursday, February 6, 2003 @ Commerce Lab, 1:30pm

  • Facilitator: Peter Huffer; Scribe: Rob Parrott