Meeting Minutes


April 1, 2003: Meeting with Mike Berhmann - Distance Learning
Scribe: Steve Arrington
Facilitator:Karen Raffel
Attendees:All LAO team, Liz, Mike


  • Presentation regarding distance Ed - .ppt
  • Major Brands
  • Needs for program, barriers
  • Funding – tuition is not the key, other funding is needed
  • Integration of technology – how do we meet the tactile needs of the user?
  • Distance education requires consideration of much more than technology
  • Going beyond Videoconferencing – video streaming servers
  • Set up multiple TV’s so that the professor can see the students at the remote locations
  • Using a document reader
  • There is a cognitive limit to what the instructor can handle – 6 different classes
  • Video bridge – where people will call in and there is a common place to see one another (up to 11 sites), Polycom is limited to 4
  • Gateways – server that has multiple lines to convert ISDN line signals (phone) to IP signals
  • Gatekeeper – directory to determine who is eligible to conference, also allows IPaddresses to have nicknames, allowing quick connection
  • Productivity is increasing dramatically – currently graduating 6 students/year just for this program
  • How do you schedule a course in multiple universities?
  • Issues in Technology Delivery
  • One major goal should be – have it be an IP connection, not ISDN
  • Mike is looking for Netmeeting alternatives


  • Each subteam/team member will be prepared to discuss their separate sections tomorrow.

NEXT MEETING [April 2, 2003]

  • Meet for team updates