Meeting Minutes


April 2, 2003: Team Meeting
Scribe: Steve Arrington
Facilitator:Karen Raffel
Attendees:All LAO team, Liz, Mike


  • Rob – updated on RFTW- proposed conducting small UT to test navigability and value of features. Will contact Liz, Peter, Lucinda, Deana to have them do UT (1/2 hour). Will be finished by end of week.
  • Sherry Takamoto found that pop-up software impeded the pop-up windows in the site.
  • Final presentation date – 13/14? Liz to email Brenda, etc. to confirm
    -Mike recommends that we go to commerce a day or so ahead to verify all is working
  • Team updates should be scheduled at some point – 4/14, 21
  • Search feature – Steve explained the search feature, and that there would be no issue regarding login, as feared before
  • StoryBuilder – Steve reviewed redesign and showed new flow
  • Help area – Karen regrouped help and FAQ’s, explained “help dude” as mascot who would lead to contextualized help (and then general help area).
  • Site tour – Karen discussed how envisioned tour will be (largely graphic)
  • Mike – FAQ’s should have info regarding reading and writing; reading strategies should have actual examples
  • Lisa – Guided us through redesign of the Logon
  • Steve made point about site tour
  • group opted to have any popup window during login, and for it to disappear automatically
  • concern expressed about having pop-ups always showing up
  • Steve brought up point regarding the account management- forcing it from the buried area to the forefront, so that clicking on “student” would open their profile.


  • Each subteam/team member will be prepared to follow-up on their status (having more to present) for the next meeting on April 8.

NEXT MEETING [April 8, 2003]

  • Meet for team updates