Meeting Minutes


April 8, 2003: Team Updates
Scribe: Steve Arrington
Facilitator:Karen Raffel
Attendees:All LAO team, Liz, Mike


  • Discussion re. Update presentation – decided that there would be one presentation in the 14th from 1-3
  • Peter –update testing methods:
  • Steve- storybuilder: link to SB to be discussed with Lisa, Marcella; considered linking in writing tools
  • Rob – RFTW
  • Mike: you sound an awful like instructional designers now
  • Karen: explained help and site tour design
  • Discussion re: Are we taking all factors into consideration while we design?
  • Lisa: target blank idea is “not good”, navigation issues discussed with Seungh Hun.
  • Plans to be approved by all on next Tuesday’s meeting (4/15)
  • Portfolio and paper due date: May 9


  • Each subteam/team member will be prepared to discuss their separate sections next week with Seungh Hun, for his and team approval.

NEXT MEETING [April 15, 2003]

  • Meet for team updates