Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, April 15:Team meeting
Scribe: Peter Huffer
Facilitator: Steve Arrington
Attendees: Karen Zolkiewicz, Lisa J. Stedge, Marcella Simon, Rob Parrott, Peter Huffer, Steve Arrington, Liz Delsandro
Absentees: none


  • Sub-team updates
  • Innovations preparations

Summary of Discussion:

  1. Testing (Peter)
    - Trying to contact Jennifer Korjus (former LAO, lawyer) about drafting legal language for agreement to share test data with LAO. No response to email sent.
    - Data from Let's Go Learn can be sent as Excel file or as paper print out.
    -Contacted CEO of MindPlay to find out if they can share info. She was not encouraging.
  2. Homepage, Registration (Marcella, Lisa J.)
    -Working on guest features, display of user identification
    -Will leave student registration the same
    - Contact Us has been turned into a Contact page with contact information such as phone and emails.
  3. StoryBuilder (Steve)
    -improvements made, streamlined
    -Story Bank rearranged to display LAO story collection and Student's own stories.
  4. Read from the Web (Rob)
    -results of usability testing were collated, shared with the group.
    -new directions for design were discussed.
  5. Help and Site Tour (Karen)
    -Site Tour revision is hindered by revisions made elsewhere on the site. It is difficult to anticipate and plan.
    -Help dude discussed. Seunghun suggested a way to use a help icon such as the dude.

  6. Innovations (Liz)
    -Plans made to thoroughly discuss presentation on Wed, April 23 in AT lab.
    -Innovations will be Wed. April 30 in the Johnson Center basement conference room.


  • All groups will continue to make changes, revisions to sections of the site

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday , April 22, 2003 @ Krug Hall 108, 1pm