Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, April 22:Team meeting
Scribe: Peter Huffer
Facilitator: Steve Arrington
Attendees: Karen Zolkiewicz, Lisa J. Stedge, Marcella Simon, Rob Parrott, Peter Huffer, Steve Arrington, Liz Delsandro
Absentees: none


  • Sub-team updates
  • Innovations preparations
  • Project manager items

Summary of Discussion:

  1. Testing (Peter)
    -No response from legal resources, will need to try elsewhere.
    -Seunghun was contacted about technical issues of data transfer with MindPlay and Let's Go Learn.
    -MindPlay decided they could share data with simple technical support.
  2. Homepage, Registration (Marcella, Lisa J.)
    -Changes were implemented such as making "guest" the default user of site.
    -Some language in Literacy Explorer was edited.
    -Seunghun advised that he wants specifications for layout. Tables are now 650 pixels wide throughout the site.
    - Mike advised that we prioritize work for Seunghun.
  3. StoryBuilder (Steve)
    -Documents are ready to be given to Seunghun.
    -Discussion revolved around button names, locations, juxtaposition with text, web publication, help dude vs. "?" vs. text links.
    -Concern about consistency of help formats was raised.
    -Decision to do a small usability test of Help Dude at Innovations. Peter was enlisted to develop a usability plan.
  4. Read from the Web (Rob)
    -Changes made to reflect the term "reader" rather than "student"
    -Five finger rule will be amended to reflect that it is appropriate for estimation of independent reading level, not supported reading.
    -RftW will be replaced by full words on buttons
  5. Help and Site Tour (Karen)
    -Site Tour revision continues under the specter of the impending demise of the Help Dude.

  6. Innovations (Liz)
    -Plans made to thoroughly discuss presentation on Wed, April 23 in AT lab.
    -Liz has made arrangements for display boards, tables, and other materials.
  7. Project manager (Lisa J. Stedge)
    -Sub-teams should get work to Rob for archiving.
    -Wondered what to do with video tapes from usability.


  • All groups will continue to make changes, revisions to sections of the site
  • At meeting tomorrow we will decide Innovations usability test, PowerPoint vs. Camtasia, content of display boards, and related issues.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday , April 23, 2003 @ Robinson Hall, AT lab, 12:00pm.