Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, April 23:Team meeting for Innovations
Scribe: Peter Huffer
Facilitator: Steve Arrington
Attendees: Karen Zolkiewicz, Lisa J. Stedge, Marcella Simon, Rob Parrott, Peter Huffer, Steve Arrington, Liz Delsandro
Absentees: none


  • Usability testing
  • History of site
  • Contrast past with present (redesign)
  • Technology to use

Summary of Discussion:

  1. Usability of Help Dude
    -Peter presented plan for usability test with caveat that it probably was a decision that could be made more easily by group vote.
    -Decision was made to scrap plans for usability test.
  2. History of Site
    -There is interest in conveying the past versions with the present redesign.
    -Decision was made to create a banner that reflected past phases and the vision for the future of the site
  3. Contrast Past with Present
    -Decision was made to collect graphic and text images that represent past versions of each sub-team's work. That would be contasted with new images and text. These will be blended on posters that highlight each sub-team's work.
    -Lisa made a PowerPoint picture of where the posters will hang and where the tables will sit.
  4. Technology
    -PowerPoint will be developed to display project
    -Camtasia will be used by Steve and Karen to make a screen capture movie to present new site.
    -No computer needed to interact with the site because it still can only show old versions


  • All groups will submit items to Liz who will prepare posters.
  • All work is due to her by Monday, April 28.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 @ Krug Hall, 108, 1:00pm.