Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, April 29th:Team meeting
Scribe: Rob Parrott
Facilitator: Peter Huffer
Attendees: Karen Zolkiewicz, Lisa J. Stedge, Marcella Simon, Rob Parrott, Peter Huffer, Steve Arrington, Liz Delsandro
Absentees: none


  • Innovations Preparation
  • Subgroup Updates
  • Web Update
  • PM Update

Summary of Discussion:

  1. Liz has received most of the images and text for the posters in our booth at Innovations 2003. She will continue to work on them in preparation for Wednesday. Peter has developed a really nice, color timeline of the past phases through our project and beyond. Karen and Steve displayed their Camtasia video of the site overview (it was great!). As a reminder for Wednesday's schedule: Liz, Rob and Steve are from 10-12, Karen and Lisa are from 12-2, and Marcella, Peter and Liz are from 2-4.
  2. Each subgroup is making progress. Peter has some mock up designs for Seunghun with a chart explaining how pages and the two assessment tools (MindPlay and Let's Go Learn) will interact with the rest of the site. He is still waiting on some feedback from the past lawyer/LAO alumni, Jennifer, about how to write a disclaimer about the information captured. Karen is working on the help functionality designs but needs the final designs from everyone. Marcella and Lisa have no updates on the entry pages. Steve sent his designs to Seunghun. Rob has implemented the changes suggested from last week into his redesigns.
  3. Lisa brought reminded us that we need to get our status reports and minutes posted asap.
  4. Liz reminded the team that we will have to participate in mandatory exit interviews with her sometime in the next two weeks.
  5. Karen and Ro asked for docs that people want posted to be sent to them.
  6. Karen reminded the team of the GSE Open House tonight from 6:00- 8:30PM.


  • The team will think about areas of the site where Camtasia videos might be helpful and tell Karen their ideas
  • The team will think about ideas for presenting our final designs in two weeks
  • The team will complete their subgroup edits and get their designs to Seunghun

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 6, 2003 in Krug Hall, 1:00pm.