Meeting Minutes


2/20/03: Group Meeting
Scribe: Marcella
Facilitator: Rob
Attendees: Peter,Lisa,Liz,Marcella,Steve,Karen,Rob
Absentees: none


Performance Analysis

1) team decided to attach site analysis as appendix 2) Brenda should be added to list of stakeholders 3)all changes, comments, and edits should go to Steve by Saturday at noon, 4)would like Mike's feedback on PA


1) Peter reported that he will summarize the personas by early next week and the team can review and decide on personas 2) reading of old personas on previous sites and discussion resulted in decision that essentially two personas were needed for the purpose of usability testing: individual facilitators to test site entry and navigation and dyads to test the read from the web and storybuilder features

Team communication and accountability

1)Discussion covered the lapses in timely completion of tasks over the last couple of weeks 2) The role of the project manager was discussed and it was agreed that while the project manager may remind the group of schedules and deadlines, the entire group is accountable for meeting deadlines and keeping the project on track

Prioritization of action items

1) Prioritizing three goals for the semster was addressed. 2)It was decided that the goals already posted would suffice as priorities for now

Answers to questions from Mike, delivered by Liz

1) It is permissable to include a commercial testing product on the site with a disclaimer 2)An arrangement with a testing service for a tracking system is possible, we would need more details from a specific service 3) The Laofac listserv is for faculty and we don't need to join for the purposes of this project

LAO Team Listserv

1) We now have a listserv 2) Peter will send a message with instructions on how to join

508 Plan for Brenda

1) The need for a 508 plan was discussed and it was decided that the PA could serve as a plan for now 2)It was also decided that we should approach Brenda and find out if the LAO team needs to deliver a plan at this time

Usability Testing: purpose, strategy and planning

1.The purpose of the usability testing is to test a)navigability and accessibility with regard to RFW and SB (main features) and b)to test usability and functionality of RFW and SB using dyads 2) many models were examined from the literature (Dickelman and others), the TTAC experience, and the PBS experience of being usability subjects (Peter and Marcella). 3)It was decided that the team break into two task groups a)logistics task force would concentrate on finding subjects, scheduling room and procuring equipment (Liz, Rob, Steve) b)materials task force would put together the questionnaires, interview questions, testing process, etc.(Marcella, Lisa, Peter, Karen). 4) we are aiming for late next week at the earliest for first round of uability testing, although it was acknowledged that the tests may not happen until early March 5) Task forces will reconvene to share materials and information on Wednesday at 10AM.6) Roles will change at the actual testing and will decided later

Other Items

1) Good ideas and site problems database


  • PA items to Steve and post
  • Break into groups for usability planning
  • Report back to large group at next meeting

NEXT MEETING Wednesday February 26 Location TBA

  • Task groups will report progress on usability testing plans