Meeting Minutes


2/26/03: Group Meeting
Scribe: Marcella
Facilitator: Rob
Attendees: Peter,Lisa,Liz,Marcella,Steve,Karen,Rob
Absentees: none



Peter passed out copies of recommended previous personas from a previous project phase including two facilitator personas ( a paraprofessional and a relative) and a child persona. Discussion ensued on whether one of the facilitator personas should be aparent, since Mike had mentioned that the site was being aimed at parents. It was decided that Marcella, assisted by Peter and Liz, will revise one of the personas to be a parent.


Test messages were sent out by Lisa and Marcella. Everyone is now on the listserv.

Usability Testing: planning document

Peter has been revising and updating the testing plan document

Usability Testing:subgroup reports

The logistics subgroup (Steve, Rob, and Liz) report that they are in the process of scheduling subjects for Friday, possibly Saturday, and Monday, weather permitting. We have a dry run scheduled for Thursday.

The materials group (Marcella, Lisa, Karen, and Peter) have completed the briefing, questionannire, and interview documents for the single user and dyad groups. Some discussion ensued over specific items to be included or deleted. Some discussion also ensued over including browse aloud in the dyad usability testing but that was determined to cause too many logistical complications.

An agreement was reached to include usability as well as location of Read from the Web and Story Builder in the single user testing, since we may not have enough dyads. Materials will be revised accordingly.

The single user group will be divided into half: those who are instructed to take the site tour and those who will be encouraged to free surf to see if they take the site tour, per Mike's suggestion.

The team also developed a contigency plan of Peter and Marcella contacting neighborhood parents for dyads and conducting in home tests if dyads could not be found in a timely manner.

Usability Testing:roles

Team members chose roles of camera operator, note taker, and facilitator with acknowledgement that members would probably have to play more than one role. It was decided that ideally three people be present for testing in the lab, with two accomplishing the job in a pinch.


  • Usability materials to be revised and updated
  • Team to coordinated roles and logistics for dry run and Friday testing
  • Marcella to revise personas

NEXT MEETING Wednesday March 6 Location Commerce

  • Review and debrief of usability tests to date
  • Update on further testing and/or targeted redesign