Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, January 28, 2003:Team Meeting
Scribe: Peter Huffer
Facilitator: Steve Arrington
Attendees: Karen Zolkiewicz, Lisa Stedge, Marcella Simon, Rob Parrott, Peter Huffer, Steve Arrington
Absentees: none


  • Complete vision, mission, goals statement
  • Project site information
  • Preparation of questions for Mike Behrman, Seunghun Ok
  • Lisa presented project management calendar


  • Rob will send notes from meeting with Deanna Mansoor about reading/literacy.
  • Sunshine fund needs funds from some members

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, January 30 @ Marcella's house, 1:00pm

  • Logo for site
  • Bring food and drinks
  • Agenda note 2