Meeting Minutes


March 18, 2003: Class Meeting/Team Meeting
Scribe: Karen Zolkiewicz
Facilitator: Lisa Stedge
Attendees: Steve, Peter, Rob, Marcella, Lisa, Karen, Liz, Mike
Absentees: none


  • Design Issues
    • With Mike, the team discussed the findings of the Usability Report with respect to the design we will attempt this semester.
    • We brainstormed about specific design issues and broke these issues up thematically:
      • Entry
        • Pop-up announcements
        • Registration Process
        • Home Page/Splash Page
        • Site Tour
        • Shortcut navigation
        • Navigation to SB
      • Testing
        • Incorporation
        • Placement
        • Design
        • Reports
      • Help/Main features
        • Contextual help
        • Video (avi) screen captures
        • Read from the Web frames
        • Story Builder Picture Bank
        • Story Builder Help
        • Read from the Web help
      • 508 compliance: A one day learning experience will be coordinated with Kristine Neuber
  • Participation in Innovations 2003: With encouragement from Mike, the team decided to enter
  • Immersion Requirements
    • Concept map requirement is cancelled
    • Reflection frequency and length depend on the person, the quality is more important than quantitity
    • Final reflection of Immersion experience should be written but does not necessarily need to be 4 pages.
  • Usability Testing Report: The team discussed a few outstanding issues in preparation for posting of the final report.


  • Team members will begin to think about the targeted redesign and how to tackle it.

NEXT MEETING March 19, 2003

  • Targeted Redesign subgroup assignments
  • Team picture