Meeting Minutes


March 19, 2003: Team Meeting
Scribe: Karen Zolkiewicz
Facilitator: Lisa Stedge
Attendees: Steve, Peter, Rob, Marcella, Lisa, Karen, Liz
Absentees: none


  • We took a team picture at the start of the meeting
  • Team members expressed their top two individual priorities for redesign, based on what they would like done on LAO, and what they would like to work on:
    • Entry: Lisa, Rob, Karen, Peter, Marcella
    • Help: Rob, Karen, Steve
    • Main features: Steve
    • Testing: Steve, Peter
    • 508: Liz
    • Text issues: Liz
  • Based on these responses, we organized into sub-teams:
    • Entry: Lisa and Marcella
    • Help: Rob and Karen
    • Main features: Steve and Liz
    • Testing: Peter and Liz
    • Search function: Steve (working with Seunghun)
  • Participation in Innovations 2003: Liz volunteered to be our point person on the entry/application process
  • Semester schedule: (See Project Management Calendar for most updated version)
    • April 14th: Complete Targeted Redesign
    • April 21st: Innovations 2003 submission (possibly create mock-ups in time?)
    • April 30th: Innovations 2003
  • File management: Rob will create folders on our project site to upload any changes created by subteams


  • Subteams will report to the group on Tuesday regarding any initial ideas.
  • Rob will create folders on the project site for file management

NEXT MEETING March 25, 2003

  • Subteam updates