Meeting Minutes


March 25, 2003: Team Meeting
Scribe: Karen Zolkiewicz
Facilitator: Lisa Stedge
Attendees: Steve, Peter, Rob, Lisa, Karen, Liz, Mike
Absentees: Marcella


  • Subteam updates:
    • Site Entry (Lisa, Marcella, Peter): Lisa presented her and Marcella's ideas regarding the site entry. Peter presented an alternative version. The team discussed their ideas, including the idea of guest log in, the location of the site tour, and the point where login will be required/prompted.
    • Testing (Peter): Peter updated the team on the status of adding testing to the site. There are two good possibilities at this point, one free and one for $20. He will continue to pursue both. Additionally he will look into a online writing assessment.
    • Help (Karen, Rob, Steve): The help feature will include a redesign of the site tour, the help menu, additional contextual help, if needed, and a redesign of Read from the Web and Story Builder so that they are more intuitive. BrowseAloud currently works on Read from the Web, that it is important to retain that feature.
  • New stories for the LAO site: There are stories that are ready to be added to the Story Bank, once grammar/spelling is checked.
  • Page titles: Lisa reminded the team to stick to the current page title naming conventions. Each page should have a unique title
  • Administrative Details:
    • Immersion Paper: We can hand in a rough draft via email or hardcopy on Tuesday, April 1st.
    • Team Photo: Another team photo will be taken on April 1st, in order to include Mike and Liz.
    • Innovations 2003: Liz completed the entry form, and presented to the team for approval. (Thanks Liz!)
  • Possible learning activities before the end of the year that Mike/Liz will look into:
    • Steve requested a Authorware workshop
    • Lisa requested a MetaCreations Painter workshop
    • Mike offered to give us a presentation on Distance Ed.
    • Rob/Liz will follow up with Kristine Neuber regarding a RAMP session


  • Subteams should continue to work on redesign. Updates are due to the full team on Tuesday.

NEXT MEETING April 1, 2003

  • Subteam updates