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Below you will find our active team norms.

  • Facilitator will maintain order and recognize raised hands when appropriate.
  • Be respectful of all people and points of view offering constructive criticism when appropriate.
  • Maintain all discussions on a professional level.
  • If personal disagreements persist issues should be discussed outside of meeting times or with the assistance of the team.
  • Decision making will occur by consensus. If consensus cannot be reached within an appropriate amount of time, a facilitator will facilitate a majority vote. This decision was made by majority rule.
  • All team members will be on time for all meetings and responsible for contacting a team member to announce plans for attendance.
  • Meeting place - Thursdays from 1:30-3:30 at the Commerce I Lab.
  • The Project Manager will have a standing 5-10 minute time at the beginning of each meeting, if needed.
Meet the Team | Project Contacts | Project Resources | Status Reports | Site Map
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