LAO Team Weekly Status Report

Week's Activities | Issues Addressed | Next Week's Goals | Next Week's Meeting | Remarks/Concerns
Date April 14 through April 18  
Prepared By Peter Huffer  
Week's Activities

Our team met to discuss the following:

  • Sub-team updates
  • Innovations preparations
Issues Addressed
Issues Action to be Taken Deliverable Owner Due Date
Assessment features for site Contact lawyer for disclosure legal language Peter ASAP
Data transfer for online tests Contact Mindplay to see if they will agree to share data agreement Peter ASAP
Guest feature Design display of user identification design Marcella and Lisa ASAP
Contact Us

Design page to support information

design Marcella and Lisa


StoryBuilder story bank Designed to display student and site stories design Steve Complete
Read from the Web usability Test results report Rob Complete
Site tour Align with new designs new tour Karen ASAP
Help dude Ways to incorporate help in context decision on how to use Karen and team ASAP
Innovations Plans for presentation Ideas, materials Liz Next week
Next Week's Goals

Our goals for next week

  • Prepare for Innovations
  • Continue site revisions and redesigns
Next Week's Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 22. The following team members will fill the capacity of

Facilitator: Peter Huffer
Scribe: Rob Parrott
Status Reporter: Rob Parrott
Remarks/ Concerns

The following concerns need to be addressed: