LAO Team Weekly Status Report

Week's Activities | Issues Addressed | Next Week's Goals | Next Week's Meeting | Remarks/Concerns
Date February 10 through February 14  
Prepared By Rob Parrott  
Week's Activities

Our team met to discuss the following:

  • Performance Analysis Updates - 508, Testing, Site Analysis
  • Personas
  • Vision, Mission, Goals
  • Preparation for Team Presentation on Feb. 17th
  • 508 Plan Due Feb. 19th
  • Preliminary Plan for Usability
  • "Good Ideas" DB and Navigation Problems
Issues Addressed
Issues Action to be Taken Deliverable Owner Due Date
Performance Analysis Updates Completed summaries of sub-group information are to be given to Steve Documents Steve Friday, Feb. 14
Vision, mission, goals Revise team/project mission, vision, and sub-goals are to be eliminated all together. Revised document for website Karen ASAP
Personas Create and present to group Document Peter ASAP
Preparation for Team Presentation on Feb. 17th Synthasis of performance analysis information to be presented Presentation Karen Monday, Feb. 10
508 Plan Due Feb. 19th Send 508 plan to Brenda Bannan-Ritland Document Karen/Rob Wednesday, Feb. 19
Preliminary Plan for Usability

Craft plan

Document Team


"Good Ideas" DB and Navigation Problems Submit good ideas and navigation problems to be recorded in one place Database Steve ASAP
Next Week's Goals

Our goals for next week

  • Continue to Identify driving issues for project
  • Complete performance analysis and associated documents
  • Plan for next steps
Next Week's Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 18. The following team members will fill the capacity of

Facilitator: Rob Parrott
Scribe: Marcella Simon
Status Reporter: Marcella Simon
Remarks/ Concerns

The following concerns need to be addressed

  • Briefing Report
  • Usability Testing