LAO Team Weekly Status Report

Week's Activities | Issues Addressed | Next Week's Goals | Next Week's Meeting | Remarks/Concerns
Date February 3 through February 7  
Prepared By Rob Parrott  
Week's Activities

Our team met to discuss the following:

  • Interviewing Mike Behrman by subgroup (508, navigability, and testing methods) and Discussion of Interviews and Research Results
  • Team Plan for the semester
  • Liz DelSandro's role
  • Listserv
  • Logo/Design Ideas
  • Resolving Tie Votes
  • Seunghun Contact Person
  • Project Site Content- Individual vs. Team Doc
Issues Addressed
Issues Action to be Taken Deliverable Owner Due Date
Performance Analysis Documnet being drafted based on subgroup (508, testing, navigation) findings, will be published on project site Documents for Steve Team Friday, COB
Direction for team More ownership for direction of project and efforts to meet goals None Team Semester
Listserv Follow-up to ensure the listserv is created Active listserv Peter This week
Logo/Design Ideas

Any thoughts and ideas for design changes to the LAO site should be submitted for use on the project site for demo

Design ideas from Team Rob/Karen


Resolving Tie Votes Team will employ the method of defending the opposing side's position to better understand their perspective. If this fails to change the deadlock, the team will try again. None Team Semester
Seunghun Contact Person All information for Seunghun will go through one team member None Peter Semester
Project Site Content- Individual vs. Team Docs Documents that will be useful for the team to have access to will be posted with a 'blurb' on what the document is. Personal documents will be posted only on the individual's portfolio. None Team Semester
Next Week's Goals

Our goals for next week

  • Personas
  • Mission, vision, goals
  • Usability testing plan
Next Week's Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, Feb. 13. The following team members will fill the capacity of

Facilitator: Peter Huffer
Scribe: Rob Parrott
Status Reporter: Rob Parrott
Remarks/ Concerns

The following concerns need to be addressed

  • Performance Analysis/Briefing Report
  • Mission, vision, goals