LAO Team Weekly Status Report

Week's Activities | Issues Addressed | Next Week's Goals | Next Week's Meeting | Remarks/Concerns
Date January 21 through January 24  
Prepared By Peter Huffer  
Week's Activities

Our team met to discuss the following:

  • Establish team roles
  • Establish meeting times, days, places
  • Establish Sunshine Fund
  • Set up Listserve
  • Establish team norms
  • Write team vision, mission statement
  • Prepare to write LAO project vision, mission, and goals
  • Set up project website
Issues Addressed
Issues Action to be Taken Deliverable Owner Due Date
Team roles, norms Discuss, draft, publish document for website team Tues. 1- 28
website design, publish website Rob ASAP
Listserve investigate procedure Pete ASAP
Team vision, mission statement

discuss, draft, publish

document for website team


LAO project vision, mission, goals discuss, draft, publish document for website team 1-28
Post minutes, status report Type reports, publish on website minutes,status report Pete, Rob 1-25 or ASAP
Next Week's Goals

Our goals for next week

  • Define vision, mission, goals for LAO project
  • Chart preliminary scope of work and course of action for project
Next Week's Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on [insert meeting date]. The following team members will fill the capacity of

Facilitator: Steve Arrington
Scribe: Peter Huffer
Status Reporter: Peter Huffer
Remarks/ Concerns

The following concerns need to be addressed

  • Meet with Mike to get better sense of priorities and direction for project
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  • c