LAO Team Weekly Status Report

Week's Activities | Issues Addressed | Next Week's Goals | Next Week's Meeting | Remarks/Concerns
Date March 21, 2003  
Prepared By Karen Zolkiewicz  
Week's Activities

Our team met to discuss the following:

  • Usability Report
  • Innovations 2003
  • Targeted Redesign
  • Design Subteams
  • File Management
Issues Addressed
Issues Action to be Taken Deliverable Owner Due Date
Usability Report needed to be finalized by Wednesday. Post final version to the Project website Final Report Karen Completed
Innovations 2003 The team decided to participate in Innovations 2003. Liz volunteered to be our point of contact for this. Completed entry form Liz ASAP
Target Redesign The team brainstormed on what design issues to tackle this semster, then prioritized. Subteam assignments All Completed
Subteam assignments

The team broke into subteams to begin redesign.

Report to full team a status update on Tuesday All subteams 3/25
File Management For the purposed of organizing our new files, folders will be created on the LAO project site Each subteam will receive a folder Rob 3/25
Next Week's Goals

Our goals for next week

  • Subteam updates
  • Continue redesign
Next Week's Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on March 25, 2003. The following team members will fill the capacity of

Facilitator: Lisa Stedge
Scribe: Karen Zolkiewicz
Status Reporter: Karen Zolkiewicz
Remarks/ Concerns

The following concerns need to be addressed

  • none