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February 24, 2004

1 pm - 3 pm
Joan Jolin Leslie Mona Robert Kirk
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Update sub teams with the evaluation process and usability test process.
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Mary Wilds visit



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Summary of meeting with Mike Behrmann


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System Evaluation Group is currently scheduling usability tests have done some research on the media file questions. They have created outlines for the tutorials and are in the process of building them. They are also working with video files and researching size and compression issues.
Content Evaluation Group has created two documents and placed the on the project site. The first is an overview of evaluation basis for tutorials and the second document for evaluating existing content. They will start to build tutorials after completing the evaluations

The group discussed the need to prepare for Mary Wild’s visit on March 1st and 2nd. We determined that a workspace was needed for Mary and a host person to work out scheduling details. Mona was selected as contact person and will provide details to the group via e-mail. She was also going to look into whether we could reserve the back room in the Commerce lab as a workspace for Mary.

Presentation went well. There were 16 people in attendance at the session. The group was able to collect evaluation forms and experienced good interaction from attendees. Attendees also expressed a high level of interest in the T/TAC online site and high expectations.

After meeting with Mike Behrmann, the group felt that they had better clarification on what was needed to be produced. We discussed having somebody in charge of making sure of that the completion certificate and evaluation form are actually in T/TAC Online. The group agreed that based on what Mike had said, that we don’t need to produce a blackboard course but make sure to create a link to the BlackBoard courses.

It was generally agreed that everyone would post any missing minutes or status reports to the project site.


The group decided that we could possibly have a meeting Tuesday if we felt that it was necessary, but that we’re going to stay open and flexible because of the need to work with Mary Wilds while she is here. It was agreed that e-mail between those setting up the schedule and the other team members will be used to keep each other up to date.







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Continue Evaluation data collection

Contact Mary Wilds, determine schedule, communicate with team


Prior to mary's arrival Monday 3/1

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Date Facilitator Leslie
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