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Spring 2004 - Group 1


T/TAC 1 Work Objectives:

 Due: Leads: Activity:
10/10/03 Leslie inform Shuangoa of bugs we've found
10/10/03 Jolin Evaluate current audio/video capabilities & suggest improvements
10/14/03 Shirley Develop persona(s)
12/12/03 Shirley, Mona Track all Section 508 issues, ensure compliance
12/12/03 Leslie, Robert, Kirk Track all interface issues, ensure good usability
05/01/04 Mona Develop training for staff
  Kirk, Robert Document current workflow
  Kirk, Jolin, Robert Evaluate alternatives to current process that include allowing content providers to save completd work locally (e.g., Acrobat or Revolution)

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last updated: February 6, 2004